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LapLogger V1.50 for MacOS
1 2 3 4 Included in the software bundle of the kit but also offered as software only for $24.99

Check the compatibility with your system, OBD interface and your vehicle(s) with the free Lite version

If you prefer PayPal for the LapLogger for Mac OS (software only) you can get it here.

Note: Email with download instructions will be sent after transaction is completed, if you have some anti-spam software email might be placed on your spam box. Contact us if you have any issues support@laplogger.com
Read DTC codes
with long descriptions.Also monitor Readiness codes for your emission test

LapLogger 1.50 Last Update: 06/02/20 - Build01

For Mac OX10.5 and up. Latest version has tested support for HighSierra/Mojave

  • Straightforward basic options for easy diagnostics. Read/Reset trouble codes.
  • Support Bluetooth and WiFi EML327 OBD interfaces
  • Scan the Readiness codes for your emission test.
  • A comprehensive list of the P0/C0/B0 codes is available. Non-continuously monitored sytems test results(Mode 6) support including Misfire, O2 test results and real-time O2 sampling.
  • Monitor parameters to pinpoint trouble spots, real-time charting of sampled parameters, sample as fast as available option.
  • Share the logs to your social media
  • Sampled data can also be plotted and printed.

Included in the software bundle in the kit, or just the software check out "buy now" section.


  • Extras continuously added: Some late Subaru/Diesel readings (check the Lite version first)
  • Real time charting for logging , Oxygen sensor diagnostics and performance logging
  • Gauges for easy visualization of the data
  • Readiness, Freeze and Pending codes
  • Mode 6 for pre-CAN and CAN, Long description for standard OBDMID CAN, retrieve misfire per cylinder test results
  • Sampling of the PIDs 20-40 and 40 and up also included if your vehicle supports it
  • Instant Fuel Consumption (MPG) sampling
  • Boost sampling, including Fuel mixture and fuel pressure
  • Support for the wireless ELM-based WiFi or Bluetooth interfaces.
  • Multi-vehicle support.
  • Command expert mode for hidden codes if you have the PID you can query for Engine,Transmission, Brake etc. Scripting mode.
  • Built in SAE codes long description for P0XXX(powertrain), B0xxx(Body) C0xxx(chassis) and U0xxx(network)
  • Logs can be exported to CSV or Excel XLS. Time stamps option for log points
  • Multicharts so you can compare your logs side by side.
  • Track users can use the Log/Plot capability to dissect their runs. Multi chart of logged data to further analys and comparison of the data. Pinpoint weak spots in your runs by looking at the charts. Compare you previous run on the same track and see your improvement.

    O2 Sampling/Diagnostics

    As it is well known the voltage in the sensors is around 0.7V, you can also see the Fuel trimming is maintained around 0% which is good since a high positive value would mean a Rich fuel mix and a high negative value would mean a Lean fuel mix, this can help out pinpoint a problem and you can save the charts and compare after adjustments. Click on the chart for a full view.

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